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Friday, May 21, 2004


Well they made a little change in the position at work which is going to happen in July. The new position won’t make the job suck as much as it currently does. Will it cause me not to look for a new job? More than likely no, unless they can come up with some more scratch I’m outta here. I have to find a job where I make more because this company is a little suspect in some of their practices. The main reason is that romance without finance is a damn nuisance. On that front I would say that things are going alright. I have found out that our being on the downlow isn’t as downlow as either of us thought. Its pretty much a well known fact to everyone, apparently we think we are not a slick as we think we are. I’m not going to say anything about everybody knowing about us I’m sure she will find out in enough time. I actually thought I might have screwed up with her last week with something I did but it blew over last weekend and apparently there was no harm done.
Softball is going well for being the first game I think I went two for three. First game I was a little antsy since I have never seen a pitch I don’t think I can hit. There are some girls on the team who have some serious serious softball skills. We won the practice game 9-4 and are playing the same team this Sunday for real this time. J said she’ll come by the game after she gets her hair done.
Oh yeah its 9:50 May 21, 2004 and my boss is still an idiot.


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