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Thursday, October 20, 2005

So long Busch Stadium

Well it was only a matter of time, Busch Stadium is no officially done. Honestly I’m a little sad to see it go since I’ve spent many a weekend and many hours in the car visiting the old ball park. Sure I would have liked to see the Cards win the WS this year, looks like I’ll have to back the home town team and cheer the Sox. I can’t cheer the Astros, I am a National League guy, but I just hate the Astros. I hate them as much as I hate the Cubs.
As the stadium comes down there are some good things in store for next year. There will be a bigger revenue stream for the team. They have made some deals this season like buying a station to broadcast their games and added boxes in the new park. There are only a few guys who are free agents (Morris & Sanders mainly) and Larry Walker is retired. Best of luck in retirement Larry Baseball.
The new Busch is really a nice looking park along the lines of new parks that look like old ones. I'm sure the same very attractive female Cardinals fans will find their way to the new park. I can only imagine that the new Busch will be a upgrade from the current old Busch which I never thought was that bad. Trust me if you ever had been in old County Stadium in Milwaukee you know how bad a major league park can be. It was crappier than Wrigley and didn’t have the aura that Wrigley admittedly has. I’m sure the new Busch will be all shiny and state of the art and if its even close to Petco in San Diego Cardinals fans will be happy. So thanks for the many memories Busch Stadium and maybe next year the Cardinals can kick off the new place by winning the World Series their first season there. Here's to the memories of old Busch Stadium and the upcoming memories that will be made in new Busch Stadium.


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