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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Technology 2 Kev 0

What a day it was yesterday, my watch had finally bit the dust and my cell phone decided to turn heel on me. Thankfully I have a new watch on the way through the magic of ebay. I couldn’t find one that I liked but I found an auction for one that worked for me. I have a question about ebay if some guy is auctioning off say 4 or 5 of the exact same thing and they all end on the same date why would you bid on one that someone has already bid on? Just seems really stupid to me, just bid on the other one without and bidders.
As for the phone I was able to get a deal through Nextel on an upgrade which is only costing me around $100. I’m getting a more durable phone sort of similar to the one I originally had back in the day. I’m hoping it gets here on Friday since my other one the DC button is jacked up and the phone is basically poo now. Well that’s about all for now go check out Totally Tool Wrestling this weekend and then you can stick around for some standard wresting at the IWA show in the evening. It should be a long day of rasslin entertainment. IWA is known for running long shows but they are really good. I have to go pick up Enigma and the Cyclone Kid on Saturday morning on their flight from Peru. Hopefully they are getting along now.*

I maybe going down to Waveland Mississippi right after Thanksgiving for a week or so to help out with whatever. I’ll know for sure in a week or so.

I'm glad TNA is on Spike since it looks like WWE is going the evil McMahon route again.

*felt like I was writing for the Ross Report there for a second


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