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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Official Timepiece update

Well quick weekend review AND a note about Kev Swag Timex.

Saturday-Nate had a game so we checked that out. The team works on stuff on Tuesdays but when Saturday comes seems like all goes out the window. There were quite a few times on Saturday where Nate would be the last guy between the other team with the ball and the goalie…that’s all good but he wasn’t playing defense he was midfield. Basically there were times when the defense totally disappeared for a spell. This year so far they are 0-2-1, there are times when they play pretty well but others not so well. The ex hates the coach and thinks he’s an idiot. I’m going to coach a team in the spring and we all know she already thinks I’m an idiot so you see a trend there. That was about all of note that happened on Saturday.

Sunday-Watched a little football and then went to the U2 show in Milwaukee at the Bradley Center. The show was absolutely spectacular the getting home sucked though. After the show we were waiting to get out of the parking garage for just over an hour. Stupid people in Milwaukee don’t know how to run a parking structure. Bad news at the show though, my Timex watch band broke a little. Then Monday I got this email about my email I sent them:

Dear Kevin,
Thank you for your interest in partnering with Timex Corporation. Timex Corporation receives many requests for sponsorship and hence must insist that you abide by the following procedures.

Timex Corporation accepts sponsorship requests July 1 through October 31. If, for example, you are seeking sponsorship in 2004, your window for submitting a proposal begins July 1, 2003 and ends October 31, 2003.
Timex Corporation's policy is to accept only those proposals that arrive via certified mail. Accordingly, proposals should be sent to:

Timex Corporation
Sponsorship Proposal
c/o Dave O'Brien
555 Christian Road
Middlebury, CT 06762

Please ensure that "Sponsorship Proposal” is clearly labeled on the envelope. Email proposals will be discarded.

Timex Corporation encourages that you submit proposals that are clear and concise and that incorporate the following:

the nature of the proposal
the cost of the proposal for Timex
the benefits all parties would receive should a relationship be formed
all pertinent timing issues
potential retailing opportunities
potential media exposure and impressions
demographic information pertaining to the proposed sponsorship
contact information of the person submitting the proposal including mailing address, phone number, email address, and fax number

Timex Corporation is more interested in sponsorship opportunities that have the potential to drive sales, as opposed to increasing brand awareness.
Timex Corporation will answer all proposals meeting the aforementioned guidelines as quickly as possible. Notification will either be via email or mail depending on time constraints.

Charitable donation requests should be forwarded to the attention of the Timex Human Resources Department c/o Bob Ricci at the address shown above.

I hope this helps. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Please include this entire email in your next communication for us to serve you better.


Timex Customer Service.kc

I figure a certified letter only cost I think $2.30 or right around there so yeah I’m going to send this to the Sponsorship Department at Timex. I’ll post a copy of the letter that I send them here also, I’m going to jazz up the email a bit and send it off. I can hardly believe they took the time to respond back to me. As of right now I do not, I repeat do not have an official timepiece but am open to negotiations. If you hear word on the street that Timex has been named the official timepiece of me that is mere rumor at this point. I just don’t want this to get out of hand because you know how it can be once the media get a hold of hot stories like this. I guess that is all for right now I’ll probably get the Timex letter written up this weekend as the deadline to submit is the end of October. I have to remember to add that I grant full rights to Timex to use my name and/or likeness in any advertising should they seem so inclined to do so. Just remember as of this moment I do not have an official timepiece, don’t believe everything you hear.

Just had a great idea. This weekend I'm heading to Saint Louis to go to the last regular season game at Busch Stadium. I'm going to take so photos of me telling people the time. Get some great shots of of me standing in front of a big group of people so it looks like I'm actually saying what time it is while my current Timex is prominently displayed.


  • Dude, you're so in.
    That watch is so yours.

    By Blogger Ken, at 9:35 AM  

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