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Monday, August 22, 2005

Short weekend review

Okay here’s an update from this weekend quick and clean with some UFC PPV ramblings. Saturday saw the 40 Year Old Virgin, funny stuff.
Saturday night was the UFC PPV with Chuck Liddell vs Jeremy Horn as the main event.

James Irvin b Terry Martin-this match was pretty much dominated by Terry Martin the first round he had no problem taking Irvin down. Then the second round starts Martin goes for Irvin legs ducks a little bit and wham! Martin get labeled with a flying knee. Martin fell like a sack of potatoes he got totally KO’d

Trevor Prangley b Travis Lutter-they only showed highlights of this one on the PPVMatt

Lindland b Joe Doerksen-Lindland fought his regular fight and won by decision. Lindland is a good fighter but his fights are a little boring since he does a lot of wrestling. Lindland is sort of getting cocky and wants a title shot and will probably get one against Matt Hughes.

George St. Pierre b Frank-Trigg Trigg who I really like because he talks a lot of trash looked like an idiot here. St Pierre caught Trigg in the rear naked choke (looks like a sleeper hold you wrestling marks) and dominated the match. I think it was over in like 2:00 if I remember right. Trigg has lost to the rear naked choke three times now twice to Matt Hughes and now to St Pierre. Hughes is from Illinois and looks like the most unassuming boy next door but he’s a tough dude. I guess this sets up a Hughes/St Pierre match up. St Pierre is a fighter from Canada which is where quite a number of fighters are coming from to the UFC now.

Diego Sanchez b. Brian Gassaway- Diego won in the second round nothing spectacular. Went on to call himself an “the uncrowned champion” in the post fight interview. I would LOVE to see him get his ass handed to him by a real MMA fighter instead of some buster. He also has a bad moustache/goatee combo now, think “7th grader experimenting with facial hair look”.

Randy Couture b. Mike Van Arsdale- Couture is a friggin stud. Sure he lost to Liddell but a guy who is 42 and in the shape he is in has got to be a stud. Randy won with a taop out on a choke they kept calling a gator roll but I saw it called something else somewhere. Couture is friggin incredible you can tell he’s a bad ass because he has those fighter cauliflower ears.

Tim Sylvia b. Tra Telligman-These two went toe to toe for a round and then Sylvia hit Telligman with a wicked kick to the side of the head. They brought in the backboard to take Telligman out, no joke. Sylvia I don’t know he’s a big guy and all but I don’t think he’s that great, from what I’ve seen I don’t know how much ground work he has I’ve just seen him hang and band with guys.

Liddell b. Horn-Horn was one of the guys that Liddell lost to like 6 years ago. Liddell pretty much hit Horn whenever he wanted to and really rocked him almost each of the four rounds before it was stopped. There were a few times when Horn’s legs were totally spaghetti. It was funny because every time Horn got knocked down he thought that Liddell would be on him but Liddell wanted him to stand back up. It was like Clubber Lang saying to Rocky, “Come on Balboa!”


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