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Monday, August 15, 2005


Look who's lucky...you two posts in one day.

My XM radio pals Opie & Anthony are adding a few new shows to their channel and making lists of who they would like on the channel. They also have a list of shows by guys who they aren’t exactly fans of or who suck and they call it the F#@k-O list. Well I now have my personal F#@k-O for companies I know suck. Here’s the first batch of companies on the F#@k-O list and reasons they are on the list:

1) Rockenbach Chevrolet- Grayslake IL- They appear on the F#@k-O list because when the we (the former wife and myself) were looking for a car they flat out lied to us. We told them we were going to come in we agreed on how much her trade in would be worth and were all set to go. The ex test drove the new Malibu she was going to buy and then we get ready to fill out the paperwork. This is when we found out the sales guy had decided to change the amount they were going to give us on the paperwork. We got back to the final signing paperwork stages (the dealership was closed by now) and the numbers didn’t work out since they screwed with the trade in value. I told the finance guy what happened and they were trying to give us the run around. We got up and left as we were walking to the door the salesman (a sleazy guy no less) comes up behind us and it goes something like this:

Sleazy salesguy (SS): Hey guys why are you leaving I thought the deal was all ready to go.
Me: No it was ready to go until you changed the amount you were going to give us on the trade in after we agreed to it. Then you changed the paperwork and thought we wouldn’t figure it out

SS: Well I stayed late to help out a friend.

Me: Well you should have gone home earlier and maybe you could have made a better deal! (I yelled this at the guy as we were walking out the dealership, I seriously thought I was going to have to punch the guy. I haven’t been that pissed in a long time. Except at a Brewers game one time but you probably already know that story)

We get out to the car and the guy had already taken the license plate off of the car and put it on the new one. I had to go in and yell at the guy again to get them to put the plate back on her car. The cherry on the top of this sundae that Nate was probably 4 years old at the time and still remembers and asks sometimes if I remember when I almost punched that guy at Rockenbach Chevrolet. Trust me stay away from this dealership they are a bunch of snakes.

2) Craphole One (a.k.a Capital One)-Some crap town out east. These guys are on here because my mom had a loan on the house for some like tiny amount way back before my dad died, probably like 15 years ago. The loan was entirely paid off a bunch of years ago but for some reason Capital One doesn’t show a record of it being paid off even though there is no balance due on the mortgage of the house. Basically they show the home as being paid off but they don’t have paperwork on some piddle ass little loan and therefore my mom couldn’t get a loan and use the house as collateral even though the f-ing this is paid off. My mom has gotten lawyers to get Craphole One to clear this up but they are totally screwed up and have no clue what one department is doing versus another one. I’m truly glad that my mom is alive and retired to deal with this shit. Because if she had died and we had to try and clear this up to sell the house I would have went to the Craphole One headquarters and gone medieval on their asses with a pair of pliers and blow torch.
Plus if you ever over paid your credit card and are trying to get money back from them to even the account get ready to jump through friggin hoops it’s a nightmare. Welcome to the F#@k-O list Craphole One

3) MBNA-some crap town out east- They are on the list for the same reason Craphole One is on the list. A pain in the ass to get money back from just not as big of a pain. Welcome to the F#@k-O list MBNA.


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