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Monday, August 15, 2005

Uneventful weekend...sort of

Saturday I had the Natester for a bit since his mom had to go to a baby shower. He ended up cracking himself in the head with a wooden swing across the street. I don’t think that it was entirely his fault but when I asked him he started to cry. He was worried about having to go to the emergency room to get glued up (yeah they really don’t stick anymore for small cuts) so he was a little weird about it. He was lucky that the cut wasn’t deeper because if it was we would have had to take him. This occurred at the house that Jason use to live in back in the day. Since the folks moved in (what 10 years ago) it has been in steady steady decline. The house is so bad that Jason’s mom won’t even go by the house anymore. When Jason lived there they took real good care of the house and stuff….the folks that live there now not so much. Then Saturday night went with Jason down to the Ring of Honor show in Chicago Ridge. CM Punk who is a local indy guy wrestled his last match for ROH since he signed a development deal with WWE. I’ve never been like a huge fan of the guy but it was kind of cool to see a Chicago guy get his props. Lord knows there are other guys in the Chicagoland area who could head straight for the WWE with their current look and gimmick and be money. I’m interested to see how the will use Punk once he gets to the big show. Best wishes to the Punkster. The ROH fans gave him a real good send off and he was obviously emotional as he came to the ring. The show was pretty good from top to bottom nothing really really terrible on the card. Sat with my current favorite indy ref Phil and BS’ed throughout the show. When I win the lottery and become a money mark with my own fed Phil is my head referee. The guy sells stuff in the ring the best of any indy ref around here. It really adds to a match he’s in.
On the way home from the show Saturday night I was screwing around with my contact about three blocks from the house and dropped my contact in the car. I actually saw it had it in my fingers when I got home and then it got dropped again to be lost forever. Now I have to wear glasses until I go to the optometrist this weekend. The pair I had in was my last pair so I was forced to go that route.
Next Saturday is the UFC PPV with Lidell/Horn as the main event. I’m sort of looking forward to that one. I really want to see Diego Sanchez who won Ultimate Fighter get beat but don’t know if it will happen. Ultimate Fighter 2 is starting soon and has the bigger guys this time around. Well I guess that is all for now…stay classy.

Oh wait one last thing I have this program running behind the scenes that tells me where folks come from to get to the site. I’ll write something about that next time, its pretty interesting because there is stuff I don’t even remember writing that is getting hits.


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