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Friday, July 01, 2005

I'm in love

Okay I have to shill for something that I love. Some of you already may know but there is a new love in my life. A love so clean and so pure I have to shout about it from the mountain tops, shoot there are no mountain tops around here, so I guess this will have to do. My love, my muse, my XM satellite radio.
Admittedly I’ve been a radio geek for as long as I can remember and commercial radio I realized was sucky. Then XM announced their MLB baseball package and I was sold. I feel the love every month for only $12.95. Music channels with no commercials and huge play lists what more could I ask for. I’ve been with my XM for just about 3 months and it has been the best three months of commuting to work in my life. Sure my job still sucks but on the hour drive in I am entertained to no end. If I don’t want to listen to something I just switch to something else. There are only really two stations that are similar to commercial radio stations and Top 20 station and a KISS station, yes the same KISS that’s on commercially. There is honestly a station for whatever you are looking to listen to, if you can’t find something to listen to you’re clearly an idiot. Switching around the stations I’m starting to listen to fusion jazz for the love of all things holy!
So do yourself a favor go out and get an XM unit. Rumor has it that you can get the suitable Roady 2 for $49.99 pretty soon to get you started. I have a Skyfi 2 and got it for right around $129 and like it a lot. A kit for your car will cost another $50 or so and if you time it right you can get free installation. Trust me you buy an XM unit you will become a slave to it an never listen to regular radio again. Since I’ve gotten mind I’ve listened to maybe 5 minutes of regular radio in like 3 ½ months.


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