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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Strange strip mall

I saw a strip mall on Barrington Rd just north of 90 but this was no ordinary strip mall because it had some interesting tenants. It was a 8 store strip mall and five of the stores were occupied. There was a jewelry store, a dry cleaners, a Quiznos, a Subway, and a Jimmy Johns. Yes you read that correctly there are three (3) sub sandwich joints within I’m guessing maybe 1000 feet of each other. Wait it gets better the Jimmy Johns & Subway were right next to each other and the Quiznos was about two stores down from the Subway. If I bought one of those franchises I would be pissed at the leasing company for having those places in the same strip mall. By the way I strongly recommend Jimmy Johns if you haven’t had it. Better than any other chain sub joint I’ve had.

Totally unrelated to the stip mall but I have to just say this so the public knows, and this my friend is a shoot.

If you are going to any Wal-Mart in the nation make sure that the items you take to the register have price tags on them if they need one. I was at the old Wal-Mart on Tuesday picking up this drink mix and spending a grand total of less than $4. I go into the "express lane" and get stuck behing the white trash trilogy family (white trash mom, white trash daughter, white trash son) and they are buying some sandals for the girl. The only problem is that the ones that they picked out didn't have a price tag on them. Then the super helpful and always speedy (smell that its sarcasm) had to go back to the shoe deaprtment to find the price on the shoes. Well about five minutes later the guy finally shows up and they get checked out. This happens about 10% of the time I'm in there and the people who want to buy these items just have this stupid look on their dumb faces as they look at the line that is forming behind them. WHy is there a line forming behind them? Well the good old local Wal-Mart keep prices low by employing the fewest cashiers as possible. Seriously I hate Wal-Mart. The cherry on the top of this Wal-Mart sundae is that the white trash boy (about 9 years old) had a mohawk. I wanted to hit the mom in the face with a crock pot. That's all I'm done.


Wait I'm not done yet. Went with Nate & Jason to see the Chicago Bandits play this past Saturday. Jennie Finch wasn't there she was pitching for the national team. It was still a pretty good time and there is no way I could hit one of those pitches they throw. We were big fans of Numero Uno on the Venezuelan team for some reason and I hugged a Harry Caray impersonator. We'll make the trip back down to Lisle as it wasn't as far away as I thought originally.


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