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Monday, May 02, 2005

Nominate me for a Nobel Peace Prize

for warning you about this film. Sure its stream of consciousness but I had to get this evil out of my mind. I know what you're thinking "I could have told you that movie was goind to suck." Well....screw you. Shortback story I was going to have softball practice in Barrington and it got cancelled but I got the call while I was in the theater dealing with this, its all explained below.....

I was going to see Sin City again but got there about 20 minutes late. I'm looking at the board I didn't want to see Hitchhiker because I didn't read the book so I decided to go see (I now realize this may be one of the worst decisions I've ever made) XXX: State of the Union. I admit I liked the first one I'm easily entertained by explosions and small arms fire and hey it can't be that bad…can it? 15 minutes into the movie I realize how bad the movie is going to suck….this thing sucked beyond all description. This film had no redemming value in it at all. Bad corny dialogue and the story sucked. The head of the Defense Dept is going to take out the President, VP, and Sec of State so he can be President. People in the theater were actually laughing at the Cube comments because they thought it was funny. It was so bad I had fell asleep for a undetermined period of time…..at an action movie. Its not like I was watching some period drama with Ralph Finnes I fell asleep at an action flick it was so bad!!! There's a scene where Xzibit and his crew "tankjack" a friggin army tank…..oh my I'm getting sick just thinking about how bad it was. Avoid this film at all costs, when it comes out on DVD don’t even look at it. This movie was so bad I think it gave me an STD while I was watching it. When this movie comes out on DVD it should come with a warning that in may cause potential birth defects and low birth weight in mothers. I would have rather have Ice Cube kick me in the nuts than have to watch this again. No to beat a dead horse but it was as bad as those two TV shows I saw like three weeks ago. Feeling ill just thinking about it.

One good thing that came out of the movie? Saw a trailer for the new batman flick and was more entertained by the 2 minute Batman trailer than by the 90+ minute shitfest that followed it.


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