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Monday, April 25, 2005

What a fool am I....

Well after this weekend I realized I forgot one top notch talent from the list and have added her in her proper position (see below). I have also taken 3 ladies off the list for a few reasons. Neve Campbell is gone to make way for the once forgotten hotness of #4. Gwen Stefani was taken off because she’s not the No Doubt “Don’t Speak” Gwen of old. I mean come on in her current single she is spelling the word “bananas” in it, so she had to go. Shakira left the list as quickly as her career left the US. Now there are 3 wildcards at the bottom of the list…

#25. ???
#24. ???
#23. ???
#22. Carmen Electra
#21. Sheryl Crow
#20. Lauren Graham
#19. Victoria
#18. Faith Hill
#17. Trish Straus
#16. Denise Richards
#15. Jennifer Garner
#14. Heather Graham
#13. Nancy O’Dell
#12. Molly Sims
#11 Jennifer Love Hewitt
#10. Chely Wright
#9 Jennie Finch
#8 Kristen Davis
#7. Halle Berry
#6. Anna Davlantes
#5. Aishwarya Rai
#4 Charlize Theron-Oh the error of my ways I had forgotten the lovely Ms Theron on the original list but have a perfectly understandable explanation. Let me explain…everytime I see her I think wow that Charlize is one lovely lady EXCEPT the last thing I saw her in was Monster. While her performace in the movie was Oscar worthy I wouldn’t exactly call her “lovely” in the film. That is the reason that she was left off the original list. I will call it the “Monster Factor”. Sorry for slighting you for such a time Charlize, I’m sure you understand.
#3. Veronica Varekova
#2. Catherine Zeta-Jones
#1. Kate Hudson


  • This must be merely based on looks and not moral fiber. As Miss Kate H. does not mind if her husband cheats on her. Hmmm.

    By Anonymous An interested person, at 4:55 PM  

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