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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Ron Burgundy..The Copacabana Mix

For those who have seen the movie Anchorman for some reason the movie and the song Copcabana crossed paths and thus spawned this song:

His name was Ron, he was a newsman
With Aquanet in is hair and trimming his nose hair
He would lift weight and eat ca ca
Ron always was a star til a broad came from afar
Across the newsroom they worked, she called him a jerk
They were young and had each other
Who could ask for more?

In the San D San Diego
The classiest spot north of Tijuana
At the San D San Diego
News and high fashion were their passion
In the San D…they fell in love

His name was Champ, he wore a hat now
He sat there in his chair missed Ron's scent being in the air
And while they're eating Champ told him
But Champ went a big too far, Brian told him to stay afar
And then Ron dropped the F-bomb and his career is through
Then there were pandas no Vicki
Who would read the news?

Sad really I know.


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