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Monday, April 18, 2005

Weekend O' Fun

This weekend was full of good times. Friday we really didn't do much since its Friday and all. Saturday we went to the Cardinals game in Milwaukee. Nate didn't get any autographs so he was a little sad but he was fine. One thing I noticed up there is that a lot of crap talking going on by Brewers fans because they figured I'm with my kid I'm not going to do anything. I have to say they were right I'm not going to get into some crap with the Natester. We were in the family section which is no alcohol section the bad news the two sections to its right the alcohol flows like water. I did come up with some good retorts to use next time dudes get full of liquid courage. Ah it doesn't matter the Cardinals didn't lose a game up there all weekend.

Saturday night I watched the UFC card, it wasn't too bad. Randy Couture got knocked out and I didn't realize that Matt Hughes was from Illinois.

Sunday helped my brother move and then we went to that TV preview thing Sunday night and good times were had. Before they let us in they told us we we're going to see a romantic thriller and a comedy. We figured since we had nothing better to do we'd stay. Before we we're waiting to go in we made fun of the folks also waiting to get in. There was a guy there who had at least 7 pounds of keys hanging from his belt loop. We get inside they ask us what we do I tell the guy I work for the CIA out of the Chicago office. Then the fun really begins….

The first show is a romanitc thriller based on some movie I never saw. The story dealt with like loves lost in past lifetimes. It was really crap. Think of the worst thing you've ever seen on TV then multiply that to the 10th power and that's how bad this show was. So they asked us questions of what we thought of the show and I wrote something like "This show was like the worst Lifetime movie ever made. I would rather have rectal bleeding than to have to watch a show like this." This show was about 45 minutes long and I was just hitting stride for my comments on the second show.

The second show was a terrible sitcom about Valerie Harper as a city manager. I guess some producer may be looking at doing a new comedy with Valerie Harper…..yes you read that right Valerie Harper. So we watch the show, it sucks too. The crowd there was actually laughing at it though I couldn’t believe it. The show was pretty old as in the first scene Valerie Harper is show puttin shoulder pads in her shirt. Even if I saw this show when it was originally produced it still wouldn't be funny. Next up is the questions about the show and we can fill out a little comment thing. For this one I wrote something like this, "I think that if I were to watch a show like this that my future children would come out retarted. I think watching a show this bad would affect my sperm count." The most I can hope out of it is that some person entering this data gets a laugh out of it.


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