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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

No point here really

Let’s be honest here there’s not a lot of good stuff that I want to see in the movie theaters these days. Yes I am looking forward to the new Batman and somewhat looking forward to the Fantastic 4, but being a parent of a comic obsessed kid I know some of this excitement is just from his excitement about both movies. Every time we see a Batman Returns commercial we go over the commercial and say if there’s anything new in the commercial and kind of give it a review. They filmed part of the movie in Chicago and some of the driving sequences in Waukegan on the seldom used Amstutz Expressway. We went to check it out last summer and stood around for 3 hours and saw one scene being shot. It was a shot from the back of the Batmobile (we didn’t see the actual Batmobile) as Gotham City police cars were chasing it. We did get some pictures of Gotham PD and Gotham buses though.
I did rent a little gem this weekend though, a documentary called “Word Wars”. It the story of four guys who compete in……..Scrabble tournaments. You would think it would be pretty boring but it was actually pretty interesting. There were four guys they followed and each had an interesting story or angle involving Scrabble. All four of the guys were a little like Rainman where they could make a 7 letter word out of almost any tiles they had on their rack. They score about 500 points a game on a regular basis. If you happen to be in Blockbuster and can’t find anything worth watching give this little flick a look its pretty interesting stuff.
Looking forward to the UFC PPV this weekend. Two of the Ultimate Fighters make their debuts this weekend. I miss going to indy wrestling events as there haven’t been any on a weekend where I could fit it into my schedule. Kind of sad that IWA lost their spot in Highland, it was a heck of a drive but always a good show.


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