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Friday, May 27, 2005

Indy 500

Just a short sporting note here about the Indy 500. In the past 15 (20?) years the Indy 500 has fallen from grace and not as interesting as it was when I was a kid. Why? Because we all know that open wheel racing sucks, bring on the redneck NASCAR races for me. This year actually there is something that interests me about the Indy 500 though. A female in the field, Danica Patrick, who some say can actually win the race. She drives for the Rahal/Letterman team (yes that Letterman) and was on his show a few days ago. She is just like you average 23 year old lady except she drives a car at 200+ miles per hour. You can find out more about Danica Patrick right here I think it would be cool if she won and I of course want to see my guy Jeff Gordon win the Coca Cola 600 even after his terrible showing at Wrigley Field earlier this week. If Gordon doesn't win it I'd like to see Tony Stewart of Dale Jr win. That's all for now back to your regularly scheduled smart alec commentary.


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