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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Here's my soundtrack

First off let me put some background on what this post is all about. Last month in Esquire they had a column by John Mayer (he writes a short one every month on music) about he got a list of songs his dad listened to over the years. It was kind of his dad’s best of list of tunes and this got me thinking. Now I don't like Mayer's music but I have to give him points for the column he wrote. I thought I should do this for Nate I could put it together set it up on a CD and so forth. Below is the list for my CD, or maybe 2 of them, and a short explanation of why I included them. I am going to leave off the Dr Dre cut since the kid is only 8 years old. I figure is he wants to get hooked up with some Dre in the future when he’s older, everything else I chose is pretty clean stuff. In the case of Disturbed and Godsmack I picked the cleanest most worthy cuts I could come up with. Feel free to discuss and or mock if you must but here’s the list:

Rhinestone Cowboy-Glen Campbell This is the first song I remember liking as a kid. Corny song but I will always remember it from my youth. I remember having the 45 when I was a kid.

Convoy-C.W. McCall Same deal as Rhinestone Cowboy except it is even cornier than that song. Maybe the reason I like rap music to this day. Early incarnation of white guys rapping.

Teddy Bear-Elvis Gotta have some Elvis on there or maybe two or three

Operator & Bad Bad Leroy Brown-Jim Croce Gotta put something from him on there we listened to a lot of it since my mom liked him "There's something in my eye you've been so much more than kind." Operator is a funny song because during the song he realizes that the chick he's trying to call is a whore.

Get Down on It & Cherish-Kool & The Gang Same deal as with Jim Croce mom was on the R&B tip before it was cool for white people to be. These songs show the funk side of them and then the slow jams side of Kool & The Gang. Not putting Celebration on here its clearly overplayed.

Kind of weird it seems like there's a serious gap in my musical memory from like 5-9th grade except for Prince but I know I was listening to more stuff than just Prince

Escape (The Pina Colada Song)-Rupert Holmes Just a really crappy song that I admittedly enjoy for all its badness.

Let's Go Crazy & 1999-Prince To this day Prince still has his stuff together. Maybe even again later on the disk with his New Power Generation stuff. I remember my brother having the Purple Rain soundtrack when he came home from the Army, he probably wouldn't admit to it today but I remember.

Something from It Takes a Nation..-Public Enemy In my opinion the greatest rap album of all time. I was huge in PE back in the day because they talked more about social issues rather than picking up the honey etc.

I Get the Job Done-Big Daddy Kane Big Daddy Kane was the one who talked about the honeys all the time.

Sledgehammer-Peter Gabriel Off one of my favorite albums of all time.

Cult of Personality- Living Colour One of my favorite bands of all time that I wish had done more they just seemed to break up and get back together but it wasn't the same. Awesome guitar riff on this song.

Desire & Pride (In the Name of Love)-U2 Always heard Desire while I was in the weight room after school. WLUP played it erry day during the same half hour, swear to God.

I'm the Type of Guy- LL Cool J Great song with the line "I'm the type of guy that says the pudding is delicious."

Jeremy & Alive-Pearl Jam Late HS years early college years more of a Pearl Jam guy over Nirvana just liked Pearl Jam's sound better. Clearly I remember picking on the boy...

something from The Chronic-Dr Dre -The best rap album put out by an individual rapper in my opinion better than anything by Pac or Biggie no doubt.

Loungin'- Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Yep this one is on here sadly. I use to play this every Sunday morning when the ex use to visit me at college. I have no idea why probably just to annoy her.....glad to see it worked.

One-U2 see U2 notes above

Love the Way You Love Me-John Michael Montgomery First dance at my wedding has to be on there since if it wasn't for this Nate wouldn't be around. Now that song costs me 25% of my salary...yea for my huh? Most expensive song I've ever heard.

Don't Speak-No Doubt #1 song the week Nate was born

Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)-Offspring I've always been pretty fly for a white guy and an Offspring fan.

The Sickness-Disturbed Flat out rocking new rock just really dig it its one of their cleaner songs. If Nate wants to find the harder stuff he can when he's older

I Stand Alone-Godsmack Flat out rocking new rock just really dig it its one of their cleaner songs. If Nate wants to find the harder stuff he can when he's older


  • That's actually really fun and cool. I think I might steal that. In fact. I'm going to, right now.

    By Blogger Ken, at 8:57 AM  

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