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Monday, June 20, 2005

A few things from this weekend:

On occassion I come up with phrases or names that I think would make a good name for a band. My latest:

Hypocritical Dick

Had another "Nateism" this weekend. I yelled to him upstairs "Nate what are you doing?" He yells back, "I'm having a battle between good and evil!" He is the champion of good when played out with 6 inch plastic super heroes. I may strike a blow against evil and get him the new Batmobile he badly wants.

Another recent "Nateism" occurred when I asked him to look for something for me. It sort of went like this.

Kev: Nate could you look for this up there?
Nate: (after looking a little bit) I don't see it up here.
Kev: If I come up there and find it can I punch you? (totally empty threat)
Nate: In the stomach.

So he's smart enough to take a shot in the stomach instead of the face if it comes down to it. He entertains me to no end.


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