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Monday, August 08, 2005

Weekend wrap up quick & dirty

Friday not much

Saturday went with Nate Dogg to see Fantastic 4, it wasn't bed but not as good as the Spiderman movies or Batman Returns. Everytime I was Michael Chiklis in it I couldn't help but think of Lil Jimmy Norton from O&A since they sort of look alike. My favorite newsbabe and # 6 on the Top 25 list Anna Davlantes has added some brown to her hair. It actually looks better....I notice this because I care.

Sunday went down to Lisle (I pronounce it Listle) to see The Chicago Bandits play. They are a fastpitch softball team and Jennie Finch (#7 on the Top 25 list) is on the team and it was poster day. Nate said he was going to hook me up with a Jennie Finch autograph but yet again no Jennie. Odd that she wasn't there and she was the poster they were giving away. Oh well. That was about it for the weekend and my bad sunburn peeling from Cali has pretty much subsided thankfully.


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