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Friday, September 23, 2005

Kev Swag attempt #1

For some background on Kev Swag you can check out this. Seriously my watch band is breaking and I can't just replace the band as its connected to the main watch part. Its an Ironman watch (you know all those triathalons that I do) and is made by Timex. To start the drive to have official items of me I sent this email to Timex. To customer service and the marketing department. I'll let you know what I hear back....how can they not want to be the official timepiece of me?

Dear Timex Corporation,
I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Kevin and I am currently live in suburban Chicago. I have worn a Timex watch for a number of years and have a opportunity that I believe that in the grand scheme of things Timex may be interested in. I know that many corporations provide free items to award shows to provide to performers that appear on aforementioned shows. Many times you will see that the gift bag given out at the Oscars has a value of $100,000 of items in the bag. The corporations do this to sort of market to the general public in a different way. If a famous actor gets something in a gift bag and that picture makes it into People magazine people may want to own the same item that was seen being used by some celebrity.
This is where Timex would come into the picture but in a much better way. As I explained earlier I have worn a Timex watch for many years and unfortunately the band on my Ironman watch is starting to break. Its connected to the watch in such a way that I cannot simply replace the watchband, I have to buy a new watch. This got me thinking what if I contacted Timex and made Timex watches the official watch of suburban Chicagoan Kevin? What would Timex get out of provided me with a free Timex watch aside from being the official watch of Kevin? Well every time that some asked me what time is it I would simply reply, “The official timepiece of Kevin says the Timex time is 1:15.” Product placement at its best, I get asked what time it is between 7 to 14 times a week, over a year that would be 728 mentions of the Timex name alone! I would also say it in a loud enough voice for those around me to also hear the mention of the Timex name, thus adding to the product mentions throughout the year. In addition to being the official timepiece of Kevin I would no longer call it a watch it would be a Timex. This would add additional mentions throughout the year. I think we can agree you can’t go wrong with word of mouth advertising.
Now you are probably wondering to yourself, “Geez how can I become the official timepiece of suburban Chicagoan Kevin?” Simply provide me with a modest priced Timex timepiece and it would be the official timepiece of suburban Chicagoan Kevin. I’m thinking for style and functionality the watch found here:
http://www.timex.com/bin/detail.tmx?item=048148529137 Would be an ideal fit to become the official timepiece of suburban Chicagoan Kevin DeBolt. The sooner I receive the Timex the sooner it becomes the official timepiece. Please contact me with any questions that you may have and I can also provide my shipping address because I’m sure a fine company like Timex would not want to pass up this fantastic opportunity. Hoping to hear from you soon have a fantastic day.

Round Lake Beach, IL

Sent 9/23


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