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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What a wacky personal life

So anyway the deal with the chick at work is pretty much a dead deal, but as every door closes a new one opens. I said before I went down to Waveland that it would be my luck that I would meet some toatlly cool chick down there but with my luck she would actually live down there. Well I was sort of right, I did meet a real cool chick down there but thankfully she doesn't live down there. She actually lives only like 10 minutes away, so I went 975 miles to meet some lady that was right next door. She stayed down there a little longer than I did but is now back so I am efforting to see where this goes now. Here's the capper the lady from work and the lady from the Waveland trip have the same name. Its a little odd since its not a real common name. We'll see where this one goes from here...with my luck probably will end up in burning wreckage.


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