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Monday, November 21, 2005

Not much of a weekend

Not to much this weekend. Sunday went to a meeting about the Katrina deal that I’m leaving for Thursday. Here’s a quick rundown of the UFC PPV on Saturday night.

Quick UFC PPV run down

Jeremy Horn d. Trevor Prangley- I thought that this fight should have gone to Prangley. He seemed to be able to take down Jeremy Horn at will. Horn was trying to legitimize the decision by saying he was working from the bottom. An alright fight nothing spectacular the decision was questionable.

After the first match Dana White comes out with a buttload of announcements.
1) Lidell/Couture 3 on the Saturday before the Super Bowl
2) Frank Mir who has been out with an injury will be back soon and probably fight a few warm up fights before taking on Arlovsky
3) Coaches for TUF3 are Ken Shamrock and………TITO ORTIZ! Ortiz and the UFC have been bitching at each other for a long time over money but I guess UFC must have named the right price for Tito. I’ll admit I’m not a big Tito fan but its he is entertaining because he plays the heel so well. When they announced it some of the crowd booed and Tito played it up like he was crying. Funny stuff.
4) BJ Penn is back he beat Matt Hughes a while ago.
UFC is really looking to really put itself on the map with the talent they have resigned or is coming back from injuries. They should have some decent PPV bouts from the guys the announced on Saturday along with the guys already under contract.

George St. Pierre d. Sean Sherk- St Pierre won by ref stoppage he was on top of Sherk in the second round and landed massive blows that made it look like Sherk’s nose exploded. I’m a big fan of the two Canadian MMA guys St Pierre and Louiseau they are both really talented

Matt Hughes d. Joe Riggs-Riggs didn’t make weight so it wasn’t for the title. Hughes caught Riggs in a Kimura (i.e. crank the elbow massively) for the submission.

Gabriel Gonzaga d. Kevin Jordan- This fight sucked big time. No further comment. Crowd was booing and chanting “Go home” because these two did NOTHING the entire second round and for most of the third round. I don’t see UFC bringing these guys in for more fights.

Rich Franklin d. Nate Quarry Franklin knocked Nate completely out in the first round. After the fight he rightfully crapped on the heavyweight fight that was right before the main event.

One observation, no one likes Deigo Sanchez they showed him at the PPV in the corner of the screen and he got boos from the crowd. Then he mouthed "I love you mom." What a tool.


  • So no Walk The Line analysis?

    My breakdown: I thought it was going to be the Johnny Story, not the Johnny & June love Story. Mr. Pheonix didn't sound as bad as I thought he was going to, or did in the commercial (not the best way to promote the movie). Reese sounded tremendously better than June ever did, and looked it too.

    Even though it wasn't at all what I expected plot wise, it was really good. Maybe a touch too much on the troubles out main character had to deal with, but that's Hollywood for ya.

    They played only 2 of my 4 favorites though
    1 (No) - Cadillac, One Piece At A Time
    2) (Yes) - Cocaine Blues
    3) (No) - Sunday Morning Coming Down
    4) (Yes) - Folsom Prison Blues

    Sure played lots of Jackson though :)

    By Blogger Ken, at 3:31 PM  

  • I passed on Walk the Line this weekend I didn't want to have to fight the Harry Potter crowd. Sure HP was top at the box office but Cash could so kick HP's ass in a fistfight. Nice top 4 picks, Sunday Morning Coming Down my favorite line is "I put on my cleanest dirty shirt."

    I'm going to try and go see it on Thanksgiving maybe.

    By Blogger Kev, at 3:51 PM  

  • The beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad, so I had one more for dessert.

    By Blogger Ken, at 7:52 AM  

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