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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I spotted a T-Rex this weekend.

I'm sending this into the "T-Rex Field Guide for 2006" for inclusion in next year's guide:

RE: T-Rex sighting
When: November 6th approximately 10:30 a.m.
Location: Lake Zurich Illinois Jewel/Osco

We were at the Jewel in Lake Zurich heading home after church and we at the back of the store in front of the dairy case. We had picked up what we needed and decided to go towards the check outs through the freezer section. We were about to go down the aisle when I spotted a female figure, approximately 40 feet from us, with noticeably fake blonde hair and wearing garish attire particularly for one going shopping. As we moved closer to the subject I noted a strong strong perfume odor from some source which was later confirmed to be coming from the aforementioned subject. As we approached the subject closer She had turned back towards us and it was confirmed. I had made my first T-Rex visual confimraion outside of the buildings of GBC. This figure appearred to be approximately 45 years old and had the skin appearance of a 75 year old with a oak hued skin. There was noticeable skin damage and an seemed that the skin was starving from some sort of moisture. As is commone with every T-Rex seen so far at GBC and in the wild skin moisture seems to be an issue. The hair on this T-Rex could best be described as the same hair as Charro but it wasn't curly. Once I had passed the T-Rex I had to look back to check out the T-Rex's grill. It was equally ultra violet light damamged and the T-Rex was sporting an extremely low cut v-neck shirt considering her age. The T-Rex did also appear to have some enhancement of the silicon type in her upper chest region.

This T-Rex was memorable for a few reasons:
1) the colorful garb for shopping (could thins be a common trait for the species?) It was a light colored ensemble possibly to accentute her oaken hued skin.
2) the scent the T-Rex emitted to apparently pick up males of the species
3) the choice of mate this T-Rex had in particular

The male that was with this female T-Rex was the most unassuming guy I have ever seen. It was quite surprising to see this male with such a stong T-Rex display. The male could be best described as he may have been an accountant, around the same age as the T-Rex. The male appearred as he may spend a lot of time golfing and saying "Yes dear" to his T-Rex. What I remember most about this male was that when I happened to look down in the cart he was pushing was a box labeled "Durex" so we know that this male and T-Rex are having sexual relations. When I noticed the box the word, "Ugh" came out of my mouth.


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