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Monday, May 05, 2008

How ya been?

Well its been a while since I’ve done an update here so I guess here it goes. Not much has been going on really. I was sick as a dog for about two weeks and finally got over that a little while back. Still waiting to hear about the “other stuff” which some folks know about, it just seems to move really slow but I had that knowledge before going into the whole thing.

This weekend I had v2 and we went to his soccer game, they ended up tying and the weather was not that great. Hopefully this will be the last week that the weather is bad for soccer. I also got some concert tickets for a show v2 wanted to go to. He thought his mom was going to take him but she jobbed him out and didn’t get him a ticket. I make dreams come true so I got him tickets for it. We also got Bears tickets for preseason game for someone I know who has season tickets. Plus there’s another pretty big thing coming up that v2 doesn’t know about that will make him shit a brick. Making dreams come true is my job.

This weekend we went to go see Iron Man. Pretty solid flick, good to see they are putting real actors in these parts so they can pull the stuff off. Iron Man is still my second favorite comic book flick ever, Batman Begins is still my top pick, can’t wait until the next one comes out in July. I got a free movie ticket when I went to Iron Man so I went to go see Forgetting Sarah Marshall after I dropped Nate off. It was alright nothing special though really. I would mildly endorse it. That’s about all from the weekend now onto the shill portion.

From an email I sent out yesterday:

Good Day,
Its Kevin here and as part of our new Father's Day tradition on June 15, 2008 Nate and myself will participate in the Loop the Loop for Kids 5K Run/Walk to raise money for the patients and families at Children's Memorial Hospital. Children's Memorial is one of the leading pediatric healthcare institutions serving over 100,000 patients annually. With 1,100 pediatric specialists, Children's Memorial offers a depth of expertise that is unavailable anywhere else in the region. Last year, CMH served 113,352 children and performed 15,726 surgical procedures and is the leading hospital in the area specializing in treating children. If you could sponsor Nate and myself it would be greatly appreciated and all the money goes directly to Children's Memorial Hospital.

To sponsor me online the link to my page can be found at:

Kevin & Nate DeBolt

Special offer for blog readers only. If you are the first (or only) person to donate at least $50 we will let you pick the name of our team (Nate and myself) from a list of 4 possible team names. Let me know when you make the donation and I will send you a list of the 4 names to pick from.

CMH is really good at getting tax documents out to you once you make a donation too.

Couple of quick shots:
GTA4 is pretty fun, haven’t gotten that deep into it yet.
Kyle Busch is a tool.


  • Beth read the Home depot thing. she wanted me to tell you it was hilarious.

    By Anonymous Cassie, at 9:46 PM  

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