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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's up suckers?

Well I guess I can fill folks in more on my shenanigans since I'm actually doing more so naturally there's more to write about. This weekend went to City and she indulged my nerd tendencies and we saw Watchmen. Pretty decent movie but violent as hell, more then the actual comic. Then we went over to Goose Island to eat and it was packed with St Patrick's Day fools getting their drink on early. Goose Island has the fried pickles but they cut them different from Scotties. After we left there we we're going to go down to Molly's for the Ronnie B cupcake...but there was much drunkedness between us and there so we decided not to.
Sunday she headed up here so she could meet with some foks she use to work with. We hung out for a few hours did the Mills, it was hotter then the devil's armpit in there, and then went over to the Rollins Savanna and walked around there. Then she went over to mee the folks for dinner and that was that. Sunday there was potential for a disater. We stopped in Target to pick up some stuff and when we got there we went to the bathroom. I got done and though I should call v2 to see where they were because I know they usually go to Target on Sunday. Well they were at another store but still coming to Target. Luckily we got out in time so there was no uncomfortable run in at the Target. That would have been interesting and I'm glad it didn't happen because its way too soon to cross that bridge when we get there. All in all its still real good but I have pouty lip becuase she's going to Florida over Spring Break. Stay classy folks.


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