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Monday, May 24, 2004

Must be in their DNA

The lady has a friend who is getting married here in the next couple of months and she is in the wedding party. They have just started looking for dresses, flowers, reception place etc. She really is looking to help her friend out but it made me come up with a new theory. Somewhere in the DNA of females there is a gene that enjoys setting up weddings. If guys had to do it themselves they wedding would take place in front of the TV and the reception would be held at Hooters probably.

This weekend Jason and I went to a show and had a real good time followed up by OCB on the way home. He tells me that he hopes the show goes on a while so he doesn’t have to go to a party with his girl. I softened it up a bit its not actually not a party but…..a wedding shower! Seems that this friend of his girl is getting married and apparently the friend and the guy she’s marrying thought it would be a good idea to have a shower for couples. Trust me no guy in his right mind would want to make his other fellow men suffer through a wedding shower…..something tells me the guy may be gay. Come on take one for the team, yes you have to sit through the shower but save other guys from that. Let them stay at home sitting around in their underwear eating hot wings. A wedding shower for couples….feh.

Wow Shrek 2 did some huge numbers this weekend. Can Shrek 3 be far behind. I hope they call it Shrek 3 Electric Boogaloo. Then again I think every sequel should be titled with Electic Boogaloo. The Godfather II: Electric Boogaloo. Rocky I-IV Electric Boogaloo (yes I know there were five, or V if you will, Rocky movies but I don’t consider the last one “Rocky” worthy. Just like I thought that Stallone wasn’t Rocky worthy after seeing Spy Kids 3-D Game Over: Electric Boogaloo. Rambo First Blood Part II: Electric Boogaloo. Go ahead try it today try and work in a Electric Boogaloo reference into your every day conversation.


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