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Friday, December 09, 2005

Crazy folks make me laugh

Admittedly jumping the fence at the White House is pretty stupid, This guy did it earlier this week and looks even stupider than you're average fnece jumper:

Report: Alleged White House Jumper Wanted Chelsea Clinton
Department Report Said Man Thought Clintons Lived There

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- An Arkansas man who was arrested after he jumped the fence onto the White House grounds this week reportedly was after Chelsea Clinton -- not anyone from President George W. Bush's family.
According to a court-ordered report from the D.C. Department of Mental Health, Shawn Cox, 29, thought Clinton still lived at the White House. He thought he was destined to marry her.

Clinton, of course, left the executive mansion when Bush replaced President Bill Clinton.
Cox was arrested Sunday at the White House by the Secret Service. Bush was at home at the time of the incident. Cox was sent to St. Elizabeth's Hospital for mental health evaluations before his next court appearance on Jan. 6.

A psychologist is reporting to the court that Cox appeared "psychotic" and "manic" and should be closely monitored. And appently not to up to date on current events.


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