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Monday, January 16, 2006

Couldn't come up with a title to put here

What a weekend. Friday didn’t do much. Saturday had a meeting early in the day and went to see Narnia in the afternoon. The movie was actually pretty entertaining and it’s the first movie in a while that version 2 wanted to see that I didn’t fall asleep in. Then I watched the two football games after the movie. I was a little surprised that Denver beat the Pats but glad to see the Pats out of it. The Redskins looked like poo. Sunday watched both games and was again surprised as Pittsburgh beat Indy. I wasn’t too surprised the Bears lost, their offense is poo and the defense didn’t play well at all.

Version 2 colored me a picture of Batman to bring to work and I have to admire his attention to detail. He actually used White Out to fix part of the coloring that he did outside of the line on Batman's batarang.

It took me entirely too long to build a model of an internal combustion engine that V2 got for Christmas on Sunday. I'm blaming it on the directions.

The funniest thing I saw all weekend was a bumper sticker. "My guns have killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy’s car. "

I decided I can't get roped into another show so I won't watch "24", its a interesting enough show but I don't want to get attached to it.

I’m giving the Hurricane a call tonight to nail down stuff for tomorrow.

Baseball season is only like a month away, hoo-yah. Going to try and get to Detroit and Cleveland this season.

That’s all for now.


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