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Friday, January 20, 2006

Rd 2

Going out with the Hurricane this weekend. We're going to an Italian place that was recommended by someone since the place we we're going to go closed down. I told the Hurri about the place that closed and she knew all about it. This other place will be up to par with the original place we we're going to go.

The Hurri is a pretty grounded lady and pretty cool. She interests me.

I'm going to get some pants for work at Kohl's on the way home if I'm not too worn out from driving home in the snow that is allegedly coming this way. If you see me out tonight and want an autograph just ask me and I'll oblige.

Hope you all have a good safe weekend. I'll probably update this thing on Monday about Saturday if its not a train wreck. I'm expecting it to go really well though I have no reason not to think otherwise.


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