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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ahh the Ramblings did me in

Well I think my wacky, witty Ramblings may have done me in. I get contacted by this lady thru my just as entertaining myspace page. She was a nice lady nothing crazy or anything. In the message she sent she sent me her blog so I sent her this fantastic entertainment filled blog. I think she may have checked the Ramblings and got never wrote back. Well I hope she at least got some laughs from little blog that aims to entertain. This weekend myself and Version 2 will be posting a special holiday greeting to everyone. Yes you can probably guess I got a new toy and want to roll it out. I'll post a link to the video here once its done. It won't be a technical masterpiece because I still haven't decided on what editing software I want to get.

Bonus question of the week. Why is my myspace page listed under "rerunfromwhatshappenin"? There are actually two correct answers.

Take it easy and talk to you in a while.


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