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Friday, July 25, 2008

Yep it happened again

Okay I’ve been called lots of things in the past few years, and yes I’m still the undisputed world heavyweight champion of love. I try and spread it wherever I go and when I’m not being a genuine smart ass, like I often times are on here. I’m pretty much try and spread the joy whoever I run into, I think that life in general is pretty grand.
When I did the fashion disaster dates before I got called “sweet” she said I was like Tony Robbins. I’m a big positive mental attitude guy and frankly Tony Robbins scares me a bit because he’s got a bit of the horse teeth. Anyway I tell you this story to tell you this one. This morning I’m on the internet date thing and there’s this lady on there and she’s absolutely adorable, real clean cut girl, attractive. She doesn’t want a dude with a kid and that’s all fine with me you know I understand. Its throws a wrench into things some times so it doesn’t really bother me when that’s the case. Being the WHCL (world heavyweight champion of love, come on follow me people) I sent her a little email, knowing full well she didn’t want a guy with a kid:

Good Morning,
I just have to tell you that you are adorable. That's all. Best wishes finding your match. Have a great weekend.

Then she sends this back a little while later:

Thank you, that's very sweet! Best of luck to you.

There it is again that “s” word. Being the WHCL just carries that stigma I guess.

**totally unrelated to this post but I found this site: http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ and find it oddly entertaining


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