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Monday, July 21, 2008

One last Friday date note

One thing I forgot to mention in my Firday wrap up post. Of course she asked about the "Rerun" license plates. I told her it was just a goofy nickname and its tied to the show "What's Happenin'", she actually said she liked that show. If that is indeed the case and not just a little white lie maybe the world is coming together because I've never heard a female admit to liking What's Happenin'. Just a note I did not do the standard Rerun dance move that I do. I can't pull that ace out of my sleeve too soon can I?

One more thing I found funny that I didn't post in my first date recap from the original one where I dressed like a idiot. When I told her I didn't drink she asked if I was a recovering alcoholic. I chuckled and admired her candor. She said she was a straight shooter and she wasn't lying. I'm only addicted to one thing........kicking ass..........and taking names.*

Just a reminder, go see the Dark Knight at the theater, don't wait for the DVD. The flick gave me goosebumps, seriously.

*Okay not really but it sounds bad ass doesn't it? If I ever write an action movie that will be the catch phrase of my hero.


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