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Friday, July 18, 2008

Well here's post game wrap up

I met with the lady tonight after work for a little date action. It was a standard dinner/date affair you know nothing out of the ordinary. So you're probably wondering how your good old buddy Kev did aren't ya? Well as I've said before that I can never really tell but. Now the disclaimer this is just one side of the story she may have a totally different story. Go ahead now and place your bets as to whether it went well or not, I'll wait.

Okay the betting windows have closed.

I think I might have gone 2 for 2 with the lady. Admittedly there was very very slight nerves on my side maybe like 3% which is a good sign. Instead of appearring as a nervous Nelly I think on that front I did pretty well. The lady is pretty much confirmed as cool as hell and has her stuff together. I'm for sure going to give her another call see if she thought it went well enough for another round. I feel sorta like a little bitch because I wanted to break the 24 hour don't call rule because she pretty much rules. Check this out we were talking about flying and I said I always go into Passenger 57 mode when I get on a plane. She wasid something about always checking folks out and making sure there's no shenanigans going on. Then I told her an inner working of my mind where I don't like to sit with my back to the door. Then she said she's the same way and she was worried about when we got to the restaurant that she was sitting facing the door. So I guess we share that weird little sitting facing the door thing.

Last but probably most importantly she got some special treatment on the short ride from dinner to the movie place. Here is is, she got to steer the XM on the way to the theater. As those who know me I rule the XM with an iron fist and don't easily surreder control. I gave her a shot at the old remote and she did very well, so kudos to her on that front. Controlling the XM is a big deal and she did as well as one could expect, she had passed the inital trial with flying colors.

Just taking it slow right now and we'll see how stuff goes, just treated her like lady and I think I got my gentlemen groove back as it has not had a need to be in use for a while. I didn't even do a classic Beatles song to her but I wanted to, next time I guess.

One bad thing did happen before I got to the date. I was pulling into my florist to pick up a little something and right as I pulled into the lot the girl working there is literally pulling the little cord that turns the "OPEN" sign on and off. I had to go elsewhere to get some flowers but other then that there was no other issues. I went with yellow tulips it was an alright selection but I was a little peeved that I got shut out of my regular place. As I was driving there I was thinking "dang its hot these flowers may get screwed up in the car." Then I remembered that two cups in the car so I could set here up with a cup and water to put them in so they hopefully stay somewhat nice for a while. You might be wondering why did I have two plastic cups in my trunk? They were in there from when Nate and I did the Chilren's Memorial Hospital walk. I think that might be good karma coming back for rasing money for the hospital.

Well I guess this is about this for the wrap up, we'll have to wait and see what happens when I give her a call later this weekend. Tomorrow bright and early its The Dark Knight and then the Fire game at night, and calling her cause she's pretty kick ass.

Now if this goes bad ou can just laugh at me if this all goes south because I thought it went pretty well.


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