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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well for regular readers know I've been making a run at the whole online dating deal here for a little over a month. Its gone about as expected, nothing spectacular yet. I still think that I'm pretty picky so naturally that isn't helping the situation. I guess we'll have to see how it goes for a little while longer. I'm hoping at the least what I get out of this would be a couple decent stories of bad dates which I already have a name for (Gene Simmons marketing mind ain't got shit on me) DisastaDates. See its disaster and date in one word, wow clever huh?

Last night I realized another issue that I have with actually meeting a cool chick that puts up with all my stupid crap. My life is really one gigantic sausage party. I thought about it and aside from the chicks at work and women in the family I only talk to like two other women on the face of the earth. One of them I used to work with and the other one is the wife of my borhter from another mother.

This weekend is what I have called NerdFest since I bought the tickets but mine and v2's Saturday looks like this, Wizard World and ROH. For non nerds out there Wizard World is a big comic book convention and ROH is a wrestling company. What more can a man ask for? I'll have the little video camera at Wizard World because I can almost guarantee we'll see something interesting. Then after it goes through my terrible video editing skills I'll post it on You tube if it doesn't stink too bad. Well I guess that is all for now....get ready the Whig Party 2.0 will be launched soon.


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