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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A peek into the old music collection

Kevin’s Top 40
I’ve been saying I’m going to do this for a while and well the time has finally come. I’ve got about 4100 songs on the trusty mp3 player. Just to give folks how odd and unusual my musical tastes can be I’ve got the player and will do an random shuffle and put the first 40 songs that come up here with a little bit on each of the songs. Just a little peek into what’s on the player I’ve got everything on the player from rap to country to what I call “God rock“.

1) Rico Suave-Gerardo My love of unintentionally bad music rears its ugly head right from the start.

2)Children of Sanchez Theme-Chuck Mangione Hey when your Dad had a kick ass stereo system that even had a reel to reel player you’re going to like some stuff that was hitting your ear drums from an early age. Mangione is probably best know for his song “Feels So Good”. Feels So Good is like a song you’d put on when the [lowers voice an octave] special lady in your life is coming over probably…oh yeah.

3) Gather & Give Finger Eleven- high school kid rock the reason its on the player because its on the same CD as “Paralyzer” no I don’t cut too many songs from most Cds I put on the player

4) Tired of Sex-Weezer- The entire Weezer catalog is on there

5) Lick Myself- Triumph the Insult Comic Dog- Conan fans know all about Triumph and who knew he had a CD? I did.

6) You’re All I Need to Get By- Marvin Gaye Who doesn’t own some Marvin? You’re All I Need to Get By is like a song you’d put on when the [lowers voice an octave] special lady in your life is coming over probably…oh yeah.

7) All I Need-The Temptations Who doesn’t own some Temptations? All I Need is like a song you’d put on when the [lowers voice an octave] special lady in your life is coming over probably…oh yeah. Weird back to back songs with All I Need in the title.

8) Just To See You Smile-Tim McGraw Yee haw the first country tune on here. I saw Tim when he first started out and was opening for (please skip the rest of this if you don’t want to hate me forever) Little Texas. Yes I’ve seen Little Texas in concecert Where are they now? Working at a Sonic maybe?

9) We Rock the Mic-KJ-52 God rap yes believe it there is such a genre of music out there.

10) Pulse of the Rhyme- Ice T Back in high school and college I was a real big Ice T before he was on that Law & Order show. Ice T in my opinion was one of the better West Coast rappers. His wife looks like a Barbie doll, look it up if you don’t believe me. She’s got as much plastic in her as a Barbie doll too. If Ice T every asks you I never said anything like this about his wife.

11) Praise You With the Dance- Casting Crowns I guess this would be God pop. Casting Crowns is a group of like 8 guys and gals from the south somewhere. They sing a lot of their stuff in the hipper churches across the country

12) Sold- John Michael Montgomery- Yeah most of the John Michael Montgomery older catalog on the player too. I’ve seen him in concert a few times and he even sang the song from my wedding, but surprisingly I still don’t hate the guy.

13) Drift & Die Puddle of Mudd I’m a pretty big Puddle fan I’ve seen them in concert and I think their lead singer looks like Edge from WWE. I think Puddle doesn’t get the proper rock respect they deserve for some reason

14) Revolutionary Generation-Public Enemy My favorite rap act of all time no doubt hands down. Something happened to them in recent years as I think their last two albums have been, ahem, not that good. If you don’t own “It Takes a Nation on Millions to Hold Us Back” you’re doing yourself a disservice, damn good album one of my top 3 favorite albums of all time

15) A Moment Like This- Kelly Clarkson Admit it deep down inside you like Kelly Clarkson if you don’t you’re lying to yourself. Yes I do own all the Kelly Clarkson albums too. Sometimes my music tastes are so much like that of a high school girl.

16) Somewhere Other Then The Night-Garth Brooks- Yep I own the entire Garth Brooks catalog. Somewhere Other Then The Night is like a song you’d put on when the special lady in your life is coming over probably…oh yeah. Sort of related on the Garth Brooks front, he’s got this song called “That Summer” it’s a song about a kid who goes to work on a farm one summer with this widow lady. Then one night the lady puts on a nice dress one night and then gets plowed by the boy. Get it “plowed” because it happened on the farm? Thanks I’ll be here all week. There’s actually a line in the song of something along the lines of “her hands turned from leather to lace in that one touch”, Garth likes the older ladies apparently.

17) Enemy-Octane This is a band from out east that I found out about on the Opie & Anthony show. Just a standard rock band sort of like a little lighter Disturbed.

18) If I Had No Loot- Tony! Toni! Tone! A hit from the new jack swing era, I actually saw these guys in concert in like 1991 at the Club Dance MTV tour with C&C Music Factory and the guy who came up first on this thing Gerardo. I can’t make this stuff up.

19) Give My Love to Rose-Johnny Cash One of my top 3 artists of all time. Cash can do no wrong, if you say otherwise I will punch you in the mouth because Johnny would want it that way.

20) Road to Life-Me Phi Me- If anyone here owns this CD I would be amazed. Me Phi Me is like a different rap type artist from my college days. Its sort of like rap music with a message behind it, sort of along the line of Comon. I think Me Phi Me is actually from Chicago I could be wrong about that though.

21) Southern Hallelujah-Trace Adkins You can’t go wrong with a Trace Adkins song, he did a song about chrome how can you not like that?

22) Fallen Angel-Poison more high school year rock, not my favorite Poison song but that’s why they call this a shuffle don’t they?

23) New York State of Mind- Billy Joel I sing Billy Joel tunes when they come on the XM in the car. I don’t own a lot of Billy Joel just like a two disc greatest hits and maybe another one. Billy sure does like his wine doesn’t he? Can you imagine if you were at home and he crashed in your house? I mean it would be weird enough a car crashing into you house but then the car is driven by Billy Joel? That is a story that no one could top.

24) Dead Wrong-The Fray This is on here because they are my substitute for not listening to Coldplay. How can you not like that Over My Head (Cable Car) and How to Save a Life tunes? Yeah I sing these tunes in my car too, Nate just loves it because I take the songs and make them my own. My singing talent is really an untapped and could bring about world peace…okay maybe not.

25) Uhh in You- Snow Yeah this song is on the same CD as Informer. Yes Informer is one of my all time favorite bad songs and yes I do own a Snow CD. No he was not on the same tour with Gerardo…..unfortunately.

26) There Will Be Light-Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama The Blind Boys of Alabama rule that’s why this is on the player.

27) Ride Captain Ride- Blues Image- From the Anchorman soundtrack which actually is a pretty good soundtrack. I don’t like this song as much as Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) by Looking Glass though but pretty close. I want to date a chick named Brandy just to sing this song to her. I knew a Brandy in middle school and high school, she got pregnant like Junior year, true story.

28) I Know You Got Soul- Eric B and Rakim- Anyone who is an old school rap fanand doesn’t give them props is a fool. Eric B has one of the best flows of all time.

29) Swimming in Your Ocean-Crash Test Dummies yes this is the Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm band, and this is from the same CD its actually a pretty good disc.

30) Information Overload-Living Colour Probably in my top 5 favorite bands of all time, I like their older stuff better this is off their first CD that had Cult of Personality on it.

31) Billy Brown-Third Day more god pop this group could pass as a regular pop act for some of their stuff. Mainstream Switchfoot fans don’t kid yourselves that Switchfoot is basically God rock too.

32) Rock the Night- Europe this is off the same CD that The Final Countdown is on, if you don’t like The Final Countdown I will fight you.

33) Crash-Gwen Stefani- See I do have the musical taste of a high school girl sometimes. I liked Gwen more when she was with No Doubt before they got hugely popular. Tragic Kingdom is my favorite No Doubt album.

34) Hola Hovita- Jay-Z How can a rap fan today not own Jay-Z, the guy does some just amazing stuff on his songs. I’m a big Jay-Z fan.

35) Starts With Goodbye-Carrie Underwood-What you didn’t think a song from my future wife would come up on a random shuffle. The second AI contestant to make a showing in the shuffle. I also own the William Hung CD, no really I do. Call me Carrie I want to take you out for a Fresca and some cheese fries.

36) I Already Do-Chely Wright- I’m a big Chely Wright fan I think its because she’s hot and can sing. Oh wait that’s exactly why I’m a fan of Chely Wright. Call me Chely I want to take you out for a Fresca and some cheese fries.

37) Unforgettable-Lou Rawls You Can’t go wrong with Lou Rawls. Not my favorite Lou Rawls tune, that you be, “You’ll Never Another Love Like Mine” but hey you can’t go wrong with Lou Rawls. Yep I sing Lou Rawls tunes in the car too. “I’m not braggin’ on myself baby but I’m the one who loves you and there’s no one else.” Unforgettable is like a song you’d put on when the [lowers voice an octave] special lady in your life is coming over probably…oh yeah.

38) Newark to C.I.- Shaquille O’Neal Yes I own the Shaquille O’Neal rap album and I feel sorry for those who do not own any Shaq rhymes.

39) Coming Home-John Legend I’m a an of John Legend talented musician and song writer. For some reason chicks dig him a lot.

40) Promise Land-Elvis No explanation need here as almost the entire world knows I am a huge Elvis fan. Either Elvis, Johnny Cash, or U2 probably have the most tunes on my mp3 player. He’s almost as talented a Kelvis which is pretty damn good.

Well there it is a look at about 10% of my mp3 player. I’m a little surprised that more rap tunes didn’t show up but it is a pretty good representation of my musical taste and there was nothing really really really embarrassing on the shuffle but there is some stuff on there that is absolutely god awful that I listen too for some reason. Okay discuss.


  • Kev: I had no idea we had the same taste in music. I knew there was a connection......I'll think of you while we're in Music City (Nashville) in 2 weeks.

    By Anonymous Alesia, at 8:20 PM  

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