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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Howdy folks

What have I been up to lately? Well alot of the usual stuff as you know my life is not exactly the life of James Bond. I guess to start off last weekend we headed down to Indy for a graduation party for two of my cousins, one got her teacher degree and the other got her law degree. Pretty cool huh? The traffic down there wasn't as bad as we had expected and that's a good thing.

I've been riding The Beast pretty regularly and its always a good time. I also added the Dark Knight sticker to the back of the helmet. Yes I know that people think that I actually am Batman and of course I can't lie to them, yes I am Batman. I may even be better then Batman becuase I do make dreams come true, just ask v2.

AsI always say that honesty is the best policy, thanks Slick, so I've recently dived into:
1) a alligator infested river
2) a kidde pool filled with that jelly like substance found on Spam
3) the online dating scene

Yep you guessed it #3 and its actually not all that different from my regular dating life. I find it just as hard to talk to chicks online as I do in person. The biggest problem I have with the whole dating thing is that I have no, as the kids call it today, "game". I can BS with the best of them just talking about whatever when I'm hanging out. Talking when it comes to chicks I'm I got nothing. If you want to talk about stupid crap for hours but when it comes to talking to......*insert sultry voice here* the ladies I really have nothing. I'm a bad first date guy because it takes me about two times until I'm somewhat comfortable with things and the real dude comes out. If I could BS better I'd be a better first date guy but I just don't have a big BS gene in me. Surprisingly even though I stink at first dates I've only done a one and done date twice in my lifetime.
So the big issue with the whole online deal is if I can't talk to chicks in like real life what makes me think I could woo them through an email? Its call delusions of grandeur kids, that's what its called.
One last observation....98% of the profiles are exactly the same, if you get chance check it out. Apparently all women are easy going, are comfortable in either a little black dress or sitting on the couch in sweatpants, love to go to Cubs games, love to travel, like sushi, like to laugh, and is looking for smoeone who is smart. Another issue with the whole thing is I know that my stupid profile is terrible. Even though I do a shitload of writing its stupid comedy type stuff and not about me. Its like I need a creative writing teacher to punch up my profile. Its pretty much based in truth but could use a little help. Any takers? Seriously I can send it to you if you think you can help a brotha out.


  • What site are you on? When I was single, I had a profile on okCupid (actually, I still have a profile up there, I'm just not using it to meet ladies). It's a pretty good site, and it's freeeeeeeeeeee. Also if you want me to copyedit your profile stuff I'd be glad to.

    By Anonymous jesse, at 1:31 AM  

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