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Monday, May 19, 2008

I usually don't do this but give them the remix...

A little shout out to R Kelly there.
Well here’s my weekend in a nutshell

Saturday morning-v2 soccer game
Saturday evening-Fire game w/ v2 got rained on for about ¾ of the game. The big stud on the Fire is the guy named Cuauhtemoc Blanco, or as in soccer circles just as Blanco. Its kind of funny because in South American soccer they give a lot of the guys nicknames based on their last name. There was a soccer name generator and mine would be DeBito. Found it here it is: http://www.minimalsworld.net/BrazilName/brazilian.shtml
Anyway back to the Fire game, so Blanco is the main striker for the Fire and he’s te type of player if he played for any other team but yours he would be a dick. Since he’s on your team you love the guy. The guy is out there showing up the refs, bitching about bad calls, all soccer guys do it but he has a certain flair when doing it. People were actually laughing in the stands at him giving hell to the refs.


It’s just really entertaining to watch the guy play. Check out the Fire on Channel 50 and you can see Blanco in action. He’s got a little hot dog in him of course here’s his goal celebration:

So we got rained on and the Fire lost. We’ll make another trip down there because it’s a pretty good place to see a soccer game didn’t seem like there was a bad seat in the joint.

Sunday-We went to do this thing through church packing these scientifically designed meals to send to kids in Zimbabwe. There were about 50 or so people there and in the two hours we were there we packed enough food to feed 78 kids in Zimbabwe……FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. Check this site out: http://www.fmsc.org/ they are trying to put a warehouse around Rolling Meadows later this year.
Then Sunday night I rode the Beast up to the post office and came back to watch the ACM awards. My unrequited crush on Carrie Underwood is still in effect. Call me Carrie you know you want to. Okay that’s about all. Heading down to Indy for the weekend so be good to each other.


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