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Monday, June 30, 2008

Wizard World-I touched Tina Fey...

Well Wizard World was actually pretty decent. If you ever notice when you go to a fan convention its just a giant love fest. I mean admittedly most of those folks at the convention would admit to bein nerds but each one had a little different nerd DNA in them. Some people were DC comic fans some were Marvel fans but they all just get along becuase they all have the basic comic nerd DNA. One bad thing from the show....no George "The Animal" Steele. One good thing though and I have to give v2 big props on this one I touched Tina Fey...well sorta.
v2 was standing in line to get a comic autographed by these two guys at the DC booth and I was sort of looking around the DC stuff and he says, "That's the guy from 30 Rock!" I followed the guy until he got outside of the convention and it was the guy from 30 Rock. It was the guy who plays Pete the producer guy on the show. I read somewhere he was a comic fan so it wasn't surprising he was there. He also does some stuff on Adult Swim and stuff from what I saw on his imdb page. I shook the guys hand and told him I loved the show and he went on his way it was maybe 15 or 20 seconds. I'm sure he's had the opportunity to shake Tina Fey's hand and I shook his so yeah I indirectly shook Tina Fey's hand. Well I guess that is it, we didn;t get any video because the batteries died right when we got there....stupid batteries.


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