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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Yes I'm admitting this....and just a thought

Went with v2 to see The Dark KNight again this afternoon, it was as good the second time around. I did find one singular fault with the film. When the Joker is hanging upside down towards the end I think the shot should have been of him with his chest at the top of the screen instead of the bottom. The way it was shot they had the Joker with his chest at the bottom of the screen and it took away from the idea that he was hanging upside down aside from his hair and jacket feeling the effects of gravity. Okay her's what I'm admitting tonight when we got home we did a little Dark Knight related testing involving the scooter. After this testing all I'm going to say is that while it is a nice visual when Batman is riding the Batpod there are some shenanigans as to how free flowing his cape is. The speed that he is attaining there would be too much wind holding down the cape to make it flow so freely. Unless it was totally made out of something like tissue paper I'd don't think it would fly that way. Otherwise you could go with v2's theory that it was smart fabric like they said in the first one so it was really light material. I still think that it would get stuck on his back from the wind created on the Batpod.

Go ahead and feel pity for me know because that's what my evening partial consisted of.

Observation: I think its odd that chicks say they want an old fashion romantic guy then they get sort of weirded out by standard old school guy stuff like opening doors for them or whatever. Get the stories straight ladies come on.

Just got the first season of the Showtime show Californication on DVD. Its pretty funny I've seen three of them so far. David Duchoveny (who I'm not even a fan of) plays this dickish writer in Los Angeles and stuff that happens with his ex-wife and stuff. Its a pretty solid show.

One last thought, the guy lighting the torch at the Olympics was sort of corny if you ask me.

Okay I'm out suckers. Oh wait I'm the sucker I had in depth discussion on the cape physics in The Dark Knight. I can only imagine what would have happened if I got in a crash what the hell the cops would have thought, "Well chief he was wearing a cape at the time of the accident." If I would have died or something do it you could have felt free to go ahead and laugh because it would have been pretty damn funny if you ask me. In case you are wondering.....yes I own two capes.......actually I own two of them. My name is Kevin....and I am an ubernerd. And one wonders why there aren't lovely ladies knocking down my door.


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