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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Memorial Day weekend...in a nutshell

Well another Memorial Day has come and gone. I think that the holiday is a little forgotten as to what it actually is for. Most folks think it’s the official kick off to summer, oh well.
Thursday night I went over the lady’s house and hung around for a bit. Watched the movie “America’s Sweethearts” which actually wasn’t too bad. Then on to the official weekend, I had a pretty uneventful holiday weekend nothing spectacular.
Friday I picked up the boy and went home, he was harping to see Shrek 2. Friday night I had to go get some new tires for the Kev-mobile since I was basically running on racing slicks. Some two hours later and nearly $500 I was sporting new rubber. Then on the way home I had to stop and get some underwear from Kohl’s (now don’t pretend you’re not picturing this sexy beast in a pair of skivies) and got a deal. Bought a shirt and two pairs of under wear for $14, as I’m leaving the store I realized I was only charge $2.82 for the underwear which should have been $12. Did I go back in…no.
Saturday we went to go see Shrek2. The theater was pretty empty considering the money it did over the weekend. I would recommend this to movie to anyone it was very entertaining. Enough nods of adult comedy to keep it funny. For me the particular star of the show was Pinocchio, all I can say is wooden boy + thong=comedy. Holding true to form it rained Sunday night too. Monday went to Wisconsin to the brothers new crib and had some stuff off the grill. I know my life is so exciting its almost too much to take isn’t it?
In case you were wondering the job search has started in full since where I’m at now really sucks. I can’t believe how stupid I was for taking this position, this job makes me realize that romance without finance is a damn nuisance.
Now go look at something useful on the internet….oh wait that’s hard to find. The internet is like the CB radio of the next century.


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