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Monday, January 30, 2006

Birthday weekend recap, in HD

Well nothing really spectacular this weekend.
Saturday I took version 2 to the Allstate Arena to see The Incredibles on Ice. It was basically a 90 minute commercial for Disney products, no big surprise. Inside of 5 minutes of entering the place I dropped an additional $40 at the gimmick table. Oh Disney you marketing geniuses.
Version 2 also lost his glasses for a while on Saturday into Sunday. They were found in the middle of the driveway and 5 cars had driven over them so he’s lucky they didn’t get totaled.

Sunday was the big 33rd birthday. Didn’t do much at this point in my life birthday s just aren’t that big of a deal. I think kids should do a big birthday soiree but not so much for us older folks. I got the Cash box set, Airplane on DVD, and Classie Freddie Blassie. I’m a simple man. I did find some outstanding new underwear this weekend, no I'm not making that us. I also watched Raging Bull and a little bit of the X Games. Exciting huh?

Tonight I’m going to give the Hurri a call and see if she wants to go to dinner this weekend. I’m pretty sure I’m money but not 100% sure. She admitted that she’s not the best at returning voice mails so that’s why it takes her some time to call back. Well if anything interesting happens this week I’ll be sure to put it on here. Of course there will be the standard date recap if I go out with the Hurri on Saturday night.

That’s all now go out and change the world.


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