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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Well its been a while.....

Yes it has been a while I haven’t really written much (or anything?) since soccer season started. Well it’s almost over and the team has improved over the season and hopefully that will continue as we have two more games left.
The real reason I’m writing this is really in regards to a perception that someone had about me at work, a perception so far off base and wrong it made me want to go home and take a shower. Here’s the story quick and simple, names have been changed to old ladies names. There was this lady at work (Arlene) that I’ve sort of been interested I for a little while and I had someone do some recon (Myrtle). Arlene asked Myrtle if she was trying to set her up with me. Myrtle played it off like she wasn’t then the Arlene says something about Myrtle trying to set me up with other chicks here. Okay it happened once and well we know how well that went.
But the name of the chick that Arlene had thought she was trying to set me up with was the worst part. The name of the chick that Arlene thought that Myrtle was trying to set me up with was the biggest whore in the entire office. In a billion years I would have never ever even went close to this chick that Arlene had thought that Myrtle was trying to set me up with. The chick that Arlene has in her mind is the same chick that, get ready this is pretty good, was sleeping with her supervisor for who knows how long. As a topper the supervisor was married and had two kids, possibly three kids.

I’m amazed that someone would actually think that I would even be interested in the least bit in some home wrecker. Ah what can you do? For the record though I do not and will not date home wreckers. Stay classy.

Getting a puppy on Sunday. Keep your suck holes shut though V2 doesn't know anything about it, an early Christmas gift.


  • What you don't think I can keep a secret!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:55 AM  

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