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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

F#ck-o list.....another addition

Backgournd and past additions to the list can be found here:
and here

It started out so nice and now its come to this, I thought we had something special. About two months ago I dumped TCF Bank (which by no coincidence appears on the f#ck-o list now) and moved over to Washington Mutual. Well you can probably guess where this is going already. After reading a story in the Chicago Tribune about WaMu closing down some branches I just hoped it wasn’t the one I went to. Well I wasn’t so lucky, I got a letter yesterday and come December 15th it is no longer. This happens right after I get the car payment, the Paypal set up to pull from the account and now I have to go through GMAC and set up to pull from another bank. This is compounded by the fact that now I have to go to another bank and go through all their crap getting new checks and all that junk. In the 2 months or so I was with WaMu I wrote a total of 16 checks and now I have to change banks yet again. Way to control your branch growth you bunch of WaMu douches, just for that welcome to the f#ck-o list.

My personal f#ck-o list
1) Rockenbach Chevrolet
2) Craphole One a.k.a Capitol One
4) TCF Express
5) Washington Mutual


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