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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Here's a list that I don;t update often....

Welcome folks this special entry into the Ramblings is to enshrine another entity onto the f#ck-o list. This list is more exclusive then the well known list. Actually is has been a while since I’ve added something to the list so you can get a little background and see the other members that are part of the f#ck-o list here.
Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to announce that TCF Bank has officially been entered for all eternity onto the f#ck-o list. It have been many months that I have dealt with this bank unfortunately and during the big baseball tour I had reached my end point with them. The only reason I started banking with them in the first place was because it was easy to get to at any Jewel. There were some stretches when I had no problems with TCF Bank until the past few months with little minor service charges.
First off I would get charged if I used the Visa they gave me as a debit card to buy something. I asked as to what these monthly charges were for and that’s what they told me. I said fine whatever and I started just using it as a credit card. Actually when I got the card no one told me that I would be charged if I used it as a debit card. That whole issue there was basically taken care of with a phone call to them. The big problem came when I got back from the baseball tour and found out that they had charged me out the a-hole to use the an ATM twice while in Michigan. I used the machines fully realizing that I was going to get chipped $2 by whoever runs the machine an “any additional fees that would be charged by your financial institution”. Come to find out 2 ATM withdrawals later that for an out of state ATM withdrawal its, go ahead take a guess……..$9. Yes you read that correctly it was an additional $4.50 for both of the times that I took money out of an ATM in Michigan. The machines there were part of the network that TCF is on and I had no idea that I would be paying an additional $4.50 to use them. Sure I could see paying a few buck for each one but $9, get out of here. So needless to say after I get paid on Friday I’m going to TCF on the way home and leaving as little money in there as possible, because I’m sure they will give me so crap about “charges that may be outstanding” and going to another bank. So welcome TCF Bank to the f#ck-o.
On the serious side I would encourage every one to have a f#cko list and list the companies or organizations that would be on your personal list. It could serve as a warning to everyone out there of those who deserve the f#ck-o distinction.

My personal f#ck-o list
1) Rockenbach Chevrolet
2) Craphole One a.k.a Capitol One
4) TCF Express


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