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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Dang it the US is out of the World Cup. Italy won but the US couldn't beat Ghana. Bask in the sound of that "the US couldn't beat Ghana." Lame. I'm shooting for v2 to make the World Cup team in 2018. He'll be 21 then and play defense for them, he plays a little on the dirty side with his arms but I call it playing hard. He made a game saving stop at the last game of the springs season, and I coached the first quarter because the regular coach was at another game. They were winning 2-1 in the first but ended up losing so I'm officially 1-0-1 as a head coach, I'm counting the lead they had when I coached as a win. Going to coach in the fall I filled out the papers this past week. I guess I'll have to pull for the Dutch and German teams now that the good old USA is out of it.


  • Prince Nana is rejoicing as we speak.

    Prince Nana rejoices by making his googly eyes, and then saying "The Crown Jewel, Jimmy Rave"

    By Blogger Ken, at 5:59 PM  

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