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Monday, June 12, 2006

Well it only took like 2 ½ years

If you’ve been a long time reader of the ramblings of this average Joe you may recall my infatuation with a lady at work who simply went by “B”. (I tried to find some stuff I wrote about this whole deal earlier but couldn't so just trust me I've written about the situation before) As time went on I figured that the ship on that whole deal had sailed, and who knows it may have already. You’re probably wondering, “Geez Kev how could that ship have already sailed if it was never pulled in the dock?” Today the ship was pulled in the dock and I finally took a step that I had been joking about taking at work for the last 30 months or so. Yes 30 months, not 1 month, not 2 months, heck not even 3 months. I like to work slow what can I say.
It all started last Friday, in fine little hamlet of Gurnee Illinois. We had a sales team meeting Friday afternoon which by all accounts was a rousing success, its gotta be the best shindig they have had since I’ve been there. A little get together some team building stuff and food so what could go wrong? Well nothing you douche I said it was the best shindig I said they’ve had so far weren’t you just paying attention? Friday afternoon I wasn’t quite out of work Kev but more like Kev at a 5.5 on an 11 point scale. So the folks at work who see me at work got a little bit of how I really am the other hours of the week I’m not at work. For about 98% of the folks there I’m pretty quiet and reserved there are only a few who really know what a smart ass I really tend to be…dare I say thrive on.
There were two separate teams and we did different games. Unfortunately there was no trivia and or pop culture question game so I was middle of the pack for the majority of the stuff. Anyway they gave tickets for getting correct answers and for team wins etc. I ended up with I think 5 or 6 so you know whatever. They pulled tickets for different prizes and went down the line and each person pulled a ticket. There was stuff like Best Buy gift certificates, Starbucks certificates, etc. Then the last two they pulled were for two sets of Cubs tickets. Someone pulled one pair and a girl won, she actually did pretty well she had good Pictionary skills, I can only draw back door on Pictionary I didn’t guess any right. My stock guess of “Wayne Newton” never came up, oh well. Anyway there was one pair of tickets left and I was the last one to pull a ticket. I go to the bucket and nailed it, I pulled my own ticket fools. Yep I have two tickets to the Cubs game on Wednesday night. Easy there Brian you’ll understand why you haven’t gotten a call about this yet, you jamoke.
Today B, who I’ve been what basically being a tool since she started working there, got the big ask. I know she’s a Cubs fan and lives in the city so I asked to see if she wants to go to the game Wednesday night. I have yet to hear back (I’d tell you why but its sort of cringe worthy) yes or no so tomorrow we shall see. I’m fully expecting to hear a no thanks but you know who knows anymore. When I’m with chicks at a ball game I’m pretty close to being money as I’ve done it once before and actually did pretty well.
Okay so you are probably wondering what took 30 or so months to come to this point? Well you may want to sit down for this one and take a very deep breath, go ahead I‘ll wait.

Okay ready better take another breath here it is.

In all honesty I see her every day but hardly ever ever ever talk to her. I’m not sure if she knows I dig her, I don’t think she does, but she’d have to be lying to herself if she hadn’t noticed something before. Sure I talked to her a little on Friday at the thing and on occasion about work related stuff but not about normal life stuff. I really fired a shot over the starboard bow with this one and will have to see what happens now. Honestly she could think that I’m a sociopath who kills puppies in his free time. I try not to come across that way but you know I’m not going to run my mouth if I don’t have anything to say. Who knows will she want to enter the Octagon? If things go well someday she may get to meet James Westfall and Dr. Kenneth Noisewater. I’m telling you women rule the world, think of all the stupid things that you’ve done for women in history. Sure it’s a man’s world like the song says but really for how much longer.

I’ve sort of got two strikes against me already with a kid and living in the ‘burbs. How many hot single chicks do you know that live in the ‘burbs? Exactly they all live in the city with two of their friends and probably end up having pillow fights every night after they are ready for bed. Well at least that’s how I imagine it, okay I know that really doesn’t happen but its good to have dreams. So until later there will possibly be a mid day update tomorrow because I’m sort of counting this being a car wreck with only possible survivors. If that’s the case be listening for that phone call Brian.

So if it all goes bad tomorrow I only really have myself to blame I guess. Big props to Candi for the repeated kicks in the ass that got this rolling. I hope you fully realize that if this does end up actually having a positive outcome I may have a heart palpitation incident. Then if I get the "yes" that I'm not really expecting the nerves on Wednesday night are kicked up like 10 fold. Peace out.

Totally unrelated stuff
The new Busch Stadium is pretty sweet.
You haven’t seen penguins until you’ve seen penguins at the St Louis Zoo. Best animal presentation at a zoo I’ve ever seen hands down. Admission to the zoo is free as a bonus.

Okay that’s enough…Don’t you people have lives???--Judge Smails


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