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Monday, May 08, 2006

Quick recap

I guess I can do a review here quickly.

Friday night didn’t do much as we have to wake up early to take v2 to soccer.

Saturday- Woke up and got v2 to soccer. The team played as well as they have played in a long time……but still lost. It’s a league where they are supposed to learn about soccer rightfully so but they haven’t won a game yet, including last fall. I’m still debating on coaching in the fall I will probably go ahead with it anyway. Then after soccer we went to the comic shop in Libertyville as it was Free Comic Book Day and v2 had some cash to burn. We headed over there and picked up some free ones and v2 bought 3 more so he was happy. I got one of the books with Superman and Batman fighting together. I’m just not a big Superman fan after all. Batman is really cool as to his motives for what he does, Superman not so much. Okay enough of the comic nerd talk. Saturday night we went to the NWA Midwest show in Streamwood. It was a really good show and the attendance was pretty good. They are coming back in July and we’ll both be there again.

Sunday didn’t do much just hung out.

That’s about it folks.

Not too many celebrity deaths recently to write about....


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