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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just a few things

Tonight if America votes Kellie Pickler off American Idol I will take a hostage. Sure she isn’t the greatest singer but I do find her the most entertaining on the show. Some say she’s playing up the naïve angle but I don’t think she is.

If you didn’t watch The Sopranos this past week you should try and catch it on a replay. It had to be one of my most memorable one because of some wacky stuff that happened. Ben Kingsley was on it as himself being hassled by Christopher and his idea for a movie that is “Saw” meets “The Godfather”. Oh and Lauren Bacall, also playing herself, was knocked out by Christopher. Yes you read that last sentence correctly, seeing it made me laugh out loud.

Robot Chicken on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. You should be watching it.


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