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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I HATE some Americans....

Part of the family is down at Universal Studios in Orlando for spring break. In the Islands of Adventure side they have a area that is all comic book related stuff. Anyway they do this little parade type deal and about 7 or 8 of the Marvel super heroes come out and sign autographs for the kids and take pictures and stuff. I was down there with version 2 two summers ago and Dr. Doom was one of the guys who came out. Dr Doom is one of the villains of Marvel. Kids would give Doom their little autograph books he would sign them and then just chuck them off to the side and the kids would have to go pick them up. When I saw this I though that guy is living the Dr. Doom gimmick. I absolutely loved him heeling it up, version 2 even liked it because he called him something after he did it. I loved his heel act so much that we watched them come in and do their thing another time just so I could see Doom heel it up big time. It was funny stuff. I thought it was so funny I told the brother in law that this is one thing that he has to see when they do the parade.

Today I got a call from them down there and asked about the super hero parade deal. The guy who sort of watches over the parade said Dr. Doom doesn’t come out any more because too many guests complained about Dr. Doom heeling it up. If you are one of the people that sent Dr. Doom to exile I hate you. Yes I hate you.

Heel Dr. Doom we won’t soon forget you. If I get a chance I’ll post the picture of me on here with both Dr Doom and Green Goblin. I have a pretty swank one with Captain America too.


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