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Monday, March 27, 2006

Super mark week

Well for those regular readers who don't follow wrestling you can probably skip this one right here. For the next week starting on Wednesday I'll be very very markish. Wrestlemania is this weekend at Allstate so there are WWE guys doing all kinds of appearances around here. When WCW was still around I went ot the south side of Chicago to see my all time favorite Ric Flair at a crappy furniture store.

Monday-Watch Raw as usual hope they may up the ante going into the big show. I liked seeing Foley turn a little crazier last week, hopefully he turns total batshit crazy tonight.

Wednesday-Going to get either Booker T or Chris Benoit autograph at Popeye's in town. There are conflicting reports as to who will be there.

Thursday-Going to see Matt Hardy, Gregory Helms, and Victora at a place near work. I'm actaully only going to get Victoria's autograph. I wish that they would bring back batshit crazy Victoria when she was with Stevie Richards. I loved that Victoria. I got Hardy's at a crap CPW show last year and since Helms ended the 3 Count gimmick years ago I have no use for him. Remember 3 Count with Tank Abbott? That entertained me to no end. Dance Tank dance!!

Saturday-Possibly going to the IWA show in the afternoon, going to ROH that evening for sure. IWA is only like 8 miles from ROH so I may just make and entire day out of it. I wish that IWA ran a little further norht because they generally put on some really damn good shows. If I could be serious for a second I'm going to ROH to see Lance Storm. One of the highlights of WCW when it was really really bad. Storm will be getting some of my American dollars at the gimmick table for sure. You should check out his site he's a pretty bright guy, and I'm sure a pretty damn good trainer. ROH has a solid show as well that night with all the ROH regulars. Joe/Daniels are tagging against someone that night.

Sunday-WM22 with Rob from Rob's Place. Here's what I'd like to see happen on the show:
WWE Champion John Cena vs. Triple H-Triple H wins then Flair cashes his MITB shot and wins the title. I atually saw someone propose this on the DVD board and thought I'd like to see that.

World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio-I'm an Angle mark but Rey will probably win here.

Mr. McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels (No Holds Barred Match)-Eh who cares? Probably some big moves from Michaels. Even though Bret says he won't show up I possibly see Hart causing Michaels to lose.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match-Flair winning and so forth. Don't think it will happen though.

Undertaker vs. Mark Henry (Casket Match)-I could care less here I hate both of these guys.

Edge vs. Mick Foley (Hardcore Match)-Edge probably wins Foley does some crazy bumps.

United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. JBL-JBL because he's a wrestling god, remember?

World Tag Team Champions Kane & Big Show vs. Chris Masters & Carlito-Masters and Carlito for two reasons. I'm not a big Kane and Show fan and I met Masters at LAX when I was out there for vacation last summer. I recognized the cross tat on his forearm and he was flying back home from Raw the night before.

Women's Champion Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James-James because it will make Trish more interesting chasing the title

Boogeyman vs. Booker T-Boogeyman because the gimmick makes me laugh. Its very old school WWF.

Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle (Playboy Pillow Fight)-Uh who cares? Candice looks Asian on her cover.

EDIT: 3/28 Thursday since Benoit is going to be in the hood I'm not going to see Booker T. I'm staying close to work to see Victoria and the others. I've decided to pass on the IWA show and just get to the ROH show early. Jim Cornette is signing autographs at the gimmick table so I'll give him a couple bucks since I really hated him when I was a kid. I loved seeing when he got what was coming to him and his tennis racquet. Great managers like Heenan and Cornetter are really what's missing from wrestling today. The type of manager that would usually get the upper hand and it made it that much better when there was a payback from the faces. I miss you great heel managers.


Some quick weekend notes:

Rachel McAdams is still hot. Rented Red Eye this weekend. The movie was alright I guess, she stabbed a dude in the windpipe with a pen which was pretty boss.

I thought the not throwing up streak was going to end after 13 years this weekend, but it was a false alarm. Last time I chucked was sophmore year of college, purple Kool Aid had the flu or something. The streak continues so rejoice.

I'm glad that Tony is out of the coma, the first three weeks just sort of showed what guys are kind of shadier than the others. I even called it that the beacon outside the window of the hotel that he was in was the "white light". Paulie Walnuts is still my favorite on the show even though he almost killed Tony with his talking.

That is all for now I guess.


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