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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm a celebrity...well at least people will think I am

This summer we’re taking a little jaunt to Cleveland and Detroit to visit the ballparks there. There will be two other besides me in on this adventure, my brother and version 2. While we are out there I’m going to employ my brother and version 2 to test out a little theory that I have. Basically the theory is that all of America loves celebrity and I will pose as a minor celebrity to see the reaction.
The test starts out like this, I’m sort of standing around a group of folks waiting before the game starts or whatever. Then version 2 and my brother come up and ask me if I’m so and so like the know who I am and are “fans” of mine. Then ask for my autograph, I get my brother to take a picture of me with Version 2. While the “fans” are there I talk to them about the upcoming album ask them if they like the songs on it, see if they have seen me on tour. Basically selling the idea that I’m some big music star. People hear me talking to my “fans” and feel compelled to ask me about it once the “fans” walk away. I’m going to bet that at least one person will ask me about it and maybe even ask for an autograph even though they have no idea who I am. I’m going to be a celebrity on a ruse only but I’m betting I sign more than one autograph if we play it right. I’ve got to work out more of the details of this but this is the basic outline.


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